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Read below for a rundown of my stories, from short stories to mystery novels.



My two novels, Death at the Double Inkwell and Into the Web, are part of my Double Inkwell Trilogy. One fan said if Lifetime Television and Murder, She Wrote had a baby, it would be this trilogy! What will you find in the trilogy? Twin amateur sleuths and best-selling mystery novelists who find themselves involved with murder, mayhem, the ups and downs of relationships, and everything in between. At my author site, you can read excerpts and other goodies on DDIW and ITW!



I love writing short stories. I find them difficult because, well, you have to practice some deft word economy, but I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. My first published short story, “1-800-Hot-Talk,” was published in the still popular anthology Chocolate Flava. In the anthology Oil and Water…and Other Things That Don’t Mix, you’ll find my story “Fellowship at Hardee’s,” a story about a young woman traveling on a Greyhound bus who finds intermix and drama of faith, sexuality, and major decisions to be made. In the anthology The Corner Cafe, my story “I Wanna Get Off Here” features Bay, a woman trapped between the dream of being an author and the reality of being in an abusive relationship.



My first novella, Saying No to the Big O, is probably my favorite story written. Why? Well, for a long time, my mysteries were my fave stories, but with SN2BO, I dipped into some humor, some romance, and I adored it. SN2BO is about a hyper-sexually active woman who bets her best friend she can go a week without an orgasm. She’d make it through the week if not for one sexy man who turns down her advances, making him that much more enticing to her.

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