Today at All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP), Rachelle Chase, author of SIN CLUB, holds class as she talks about sex and writing…and offers a little contest to those who can pen some sexy stuff, too!

For the month of September, AtBaP authors are talking about SEX; here’s the question that was posed: Is sex an important component to develop in your writing? How are you able to weave it into a work AND also have a strong plot development?

Rachelle begins her discussion by stating, “I write erotic romance, so sex is VERY important. The way I weave it into the story and have strong plot development is by making sex a part of the story.

When my characters are doing nonsexual things or are talking about nonsexual things, there are sexual undertones. When my characters are having sex, the sex is moving the story forward – meaning, the hero and heroine are bringing their baggage, fears, dreams, etc. into the bedroom – and after sex, both are changed in some way. This change sends them down a new path, until their new beliefs about themselves are challenged up to and during the next sex scene, which then starts another change-and-down-a-new page chain of events, and so on. Until all the necessary change has occurred and my characters have become β€œnew” people at the end.”

What ELSE does Rachelle have to say about sex, writing, and her novel? Head over to ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE today to read the rest of her response…and see how YOU can win a copy of SIN CLUB…and another gift, πŸ™‚

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