4 out of 5 Rating

Worth the Interruption

When reading a book, I love to be entertained; even more so, I love to be taught something, and while reading Tracey Michae’l Lewis’ latest novel, INTERRUPTION: The Gospel According to Crystal Justine, I definitely received big helpings of both.

Crystal Justine is a young woman in a long line of women in her family to endure a devastating generational curse, a curse that finds the weakest part of the women to crush their spirit and kill them. CJ has a slew of issues, many of them stemming from the mother who succumbing to the curse, died when CJ was young. CJ, searching for a life that is all hers and all good, must battle for every good thing she wants, for evil refuses to allow her to be the interruption to stop the curse from coursing through her family’s veins.

Aside from the story itself, which I really enjoyed, my favorite part of this story is its discussion (through literature) of “the generational curse.” We are set for victory, but there are a lot of forces that don’t want us to succeed, and sometimes, those forces go beyond dealing with a person one-on-one; it infiltrates an entire family, an entire bloodline for the sole purpose of completely obliterating that family.

Lewis’ novel vividly shows us how these forces can use everything against you, to include your family, to break you down, but there can be victory if you keep your eye on God, keep your heart on what’s true, and what your mind focused on what’s right.

I look forward to seeing what Lewis can teach us with her next novel.

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