3.5 out of 5 Rating

Love Never Dies

You’re the happiest woman on the planet because you are about to marry the love of your life: then tragedy strikes.

Imagine having to go on and live your life as if a huge part of you hasn’t died and broken off. Imagine having a mind and a heart that can’t let go of that love, that constantly replays precious, wondrous moments of absolute happiness. How do you go on? Can you really?

Erica N. Martin’s novel Something Old Something New is a remembrance of love story that shows us through Audrey, the dedicated main character, that love never dies, and when it’s real and when it’s true, you will never lose it.

Martin does a good job pacing this story to its climactic ending with a nice twist, and what I enjoyed most of the story is the importance of love and memory. We all know the traditional love stories of boy meet girl, gets her, loses her, then gets her back; but this is a story that celebrates the sweet moments of a love story cut short but is determined to return.

If you want a story that reaffirms love, then definitely check out Martin’s latest fare.

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