A lot of things going on:

  1. 12 days until academic book must be in to publisher. needless to say, the upcoming week will consist of long days, revising and tweaking the book.
  2. putting SisterDivas and The Nubian Chronicles magazines together to be released within two weeks for their summer issues.
  3. typing a manuscript for a client to get it out to publishers.
  4. editing a novel for a client.
  5. getting my newly revised novel, DEATH AT THE DOUBLE INKWELL back out into circulation for possible publication.
  6. creating lesson plans for the new courses I’m teaching as a part of my new position.
  7. co-authoring a casebook on African American literature that will go into a new English 102 book we are publishing.
  8. getting forms filled out on a study I’m doing, along with a professor, on the students I’m teaching in the fall.
  9. translating Latin.
  10. outlining a new book that I really want to start on, but it seems like there is never enough time.

See where my “writing” fell? Tenth! And these are just the things I can remember right now. About to clean my bedroom a bit, organize myself some before my friends call and drag me away from my home.