We know her.

On the outside, she is a woman that most men want and most women envy.

She’s the “everything’s great, but…” woman.

You know.

She’s beautiful. She has a great job. She has great friends. She has a great family. She has a great home. She has a great car.

Her future is so blindingly bright your retinas can sear just trying to imagine what her future looks like.

And when she smiles that toothpaste-commercial smile, it makes her whole universe that much brighter.

But the smile is fake.

A woman like this can’t afford to let everyone know what’s really going on in her world.

Because everything’s great, but…

…she’s not happy.

And she’s usually not happy because of some man.

Sometimes, she has everything BUT the man, and she goes home to all her wonderful things and feels empty and lonely.

And sometimes, she has everything AND the man, and when the two are together, people are that much more jealous of her because she appears to have the perfect life.

Yet she goes home to all her wonderful things, including her husband, and feels empty and lonely.


In my debut novel, set to drop next month–Death at the Double Inkwell [Amazon], Jovan Parham Anderson is the “everything’s great, but…” woman. She’s a bestselling mystery novelist, has a wonderful twin that she writes great novels with–she has loving parents, and everyone in their hometown in Maryland consider Jovan and her twin Cheyenne to be just DARLING. And then there’s Cordell, Jovan’s husband. She’s loved him since college, and he her, but at some point that love began to dismantle and the facade of Jovan’s idyllic life begins to crumble.

And before she can even think about the situation clearly, her focus moves at one point away from her husband and to herself.

Is SHE the reason he’s being distant? Is SHE not doing something right?

She wonders if her curvy figure is no longer attractive to Cordell–after all, he does call her out a time or two about her weight.

She wonders if she’s not doing enough at home–considering she’s a successful businesswoman just as Cordell is a successful businessman. Is she not being Suzy Homemaker enough for him?

More WHYs cloud Jovan’s thoughts regarding her marriage and herself, especially when an event occurs that rocks the very foundation she’s built her entire world on, causing
Jovan to question everything about her life with Cordell.

How can the “everything’s great, but…” woman have EVERYTHING great in her life…with no buts?

She has to take control of her life, see the TRUTH of her life, determine what she NEEDS in her life, and act accordingly.

Will Jovan do all of those things?

You’ll have to read Death at the Double Inkwell to find out.

It drops next month–but you can by it now at Amazon.