Tis true. At about 9:50 tonight, I typed the last word of my NanoWrimo novel. I crossed the 50k mark on the 21st, and I finished the novel with 69,812 words; Microsoft had the count at 69,999. LOL

I am so beyond geeked, I can’t stand it! 🙂

I’ll probably try to not look at the book for at least a day or so. While writing, I mentally edited and filled in material, and so I’m ready now to begin revising the work, but after 30 days of straight writing, I probably deserve a break from the novel.

Well, I’m gone to drink my Corona and grade a few essays. This is my celebration, *smirk*

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  1. Nia

    You go lady!! I’ve been doing that thing for years- have yet to get to the 50K mark however I have developed a number of good business plans when I was suppose to be focusing on my novel! LOL God works in mysterious ways though- I’m not mad… LOL

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