I had a day off! It’s finals week, and I didn’t have any exams to give today. Instead of going to school and reading the outlines for tomorrow, I decided to stay home, do some editing and just go in early tomorrow morning before my first exam to read through the outlines.

I’ve gotten some editing done, and I graded about 15, 102 web finals. They were pretty good; however, I did get an e-mail from a student who didn’t “mean to sound difficult” but wanted to know why I took off for parenthetical citations on her last two assignments but not on the first. I clearly DID take off for the first essay and despite that, I sent at least 15 e-mails this semester, discussing the SAME thing…sources must be INTRODUCED and they must be PARENTHETICALLY CITED. I’m on FIRE right now with my anger over this. I have bent over backwards, so much so I swear to God I have no bones in my body. I’m so tired of ungrateful students who do not realize that maybe, just maybe it’s THEM that have the problem and not ME, the teacher. I wish they would take some freaking responsibility for their actions. I know that’s a lot to wish for, but a teacher can dream, right?

*taking a breath*

ANYWAY, I’ve been diligently working on edits to my manuscript. I hit the 100-page mark yesterday. I’m giddy. One thing I’m hoping to do to keep this momentum going is talk to other authors, just ask a few questions, see what they think about writing, things like that. Girl talk, with a literary twist. I’m talking to a few authors now, and once I get a few nice responses back, I’m going to be placing them here for you all to view!

Maybe one of you can get inspired, too!

Back to working on manuscript.