#HUGSlove Studios is my shop on Etsy where I sell digital planners, journals, and stickers that I create. My big goal is to move into printed stationery as well! I am a big fan of organization, productivity, journaling, and of course WORDS, and creating these digital products allows me to delve into another facet of my creativity and also create something of USE for me… and for others. Below are a few of my products. Head to my shop to see more!

Self-care. Self-love. Wellness. Planning. Goal setting. Goal achieving. All of this and more is inside the I Am Well Planner. With over 550 pages (all fully linked), I Am Well is designed to help you to strategically think about all aspects of your overall wellness and to make (and achieve!) big goals that align with you being your BEST you. [See on Etsy]

The #LOVEADAY journal is 31 hyperlinked and numbered pages, an index page that links you to each day, and a heart at the bottom-left corner of each numbered page that links back to the index. [See on Etsy]

The Coffee~Tea~Me Journal allows you to write about your day and mood, the coffee or tea you drink, and your sippin’ notes where you write on your sippin’ experience. [See on Etsy]

Made for the vivid, colorful creator, the CREATE undated monthly planner is vibrant, from its rainbow-colored planner binding and calendar to its creative aesthetics: painting background, artistic icons, ripped pages (because what creative hasn’t ripped pages in a fit of inspiration?), and more. Within CREATE, you’ll find a monthly calendar, 5 weekly pages, future log page, mood tracker, and note section. [See on Etsy]

Twelve different colors X 27 stickers per color = a lot of digital stickers for your planner! This sticker set includes page flags, checklists, sticky notes, photo frame, water tracker, emoticons, mini-trackers, brush strokes, and more! The colors available are as eclectic as the sticker types you’ll receive: blue, brown, gold, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, sage, tiffany blue, and sky blue. [See on Etsy]