The Author

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley Lounds-Brooks is also known as Brook S. Lounds in the entertainment industry. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization for women entitled [CLASSIC Inc.], which serves ‘the vehicle for women empowerment’ since 2007. It is her overall goal to help women better themselves in every area of their life.

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The Book

Single, Satisfied, and Saved was specifically written to help women grow as virtuous women in the body of Christ by looking at, first and foremost, one’s self. The book features practical Christian principles to discover one’s innermost strength, talent, skill and strategies. What makes this book stands out from other self-help books is that Ashley provides the reality of the Christian walk- “some days you don’t feel like being saved!” She doesn’t just give you a list of do’s and don’ts but helps the reader to realize and understand the reasoning behind it all.

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CLG Review of Single, Satisfied, and Saved

4 out of 5 Latte Rating

“Good Conversational Style for a Worthwhile Message”

Sometimes, the only way you can get people to understand something is to get in their face, be personal, be truthful, and be real, and Ashley Lounds-Brooks tries to do just that in her book, Single, Satisfied, and Saved. Lounds-Brooks uses her own experiences and “sistergirl” conversation to deliver her messages on being single (the negative perceptions and positive aspects), satisfied (in all ways, from physically to spiritually), and saved (from the excuses we give to the misconceptions about Christianity). But the book isn’t just about Lounds-Brooks’ opinions on the issue. Throughout the book, there are study lessons and exercises for the reader to do. These sections are my favorite parts of the book because it can be easy to feel scolded if you’re single and not satisfied or not saved, but these lessons give readers the opportunities to reflect on what’s been read and to see how they can make changes in their lives to become wonderful, virtuous women. I think women, particularly young women, could get a lot of this book. It’s obvious that Lounds-Brooks is passionate about this topic and about those who might be reached from her message.

In 3, 2, 1…

What are the three most important points you want readers to come away with from reading your book?
I want readers to finish the book with a changed mindset and outlook on life. I want them to know that it’s ok to be single. There is nothing wrong with being single and to love yourself first and foremost. Most importantly I want readers to know that no matter what they have done it is not too late to change because God is a forgiving God.

What are two things you can’t live without as a writer?
“Me time” to gather my thoughts and ideas and hmmm a latte from Seattle’s Best for those long nights!

What is one thing you’re doing to promote your book?
Besides the normal of telling everyone, I am giving my readers the opportunity to be involved in the book with a “Single, Satisfied, and Saved” experience. I don’t want this to be another book they read but a lifestyle. I want to promote my book with “girls’ night out” themed events.