The Author

Ja’Nese Dixon is an Oklahoma native living in Houston, Texas. As a child, she spent most of her days reading anything she could grab. Her love for writing gave birth to a large collection of poetry and short stories. She continued to nurture her love of reading and writing until entering graduate school. As a wife and mother of two small children, she found little time to write but her reading continued.

In late 2004, she decided to quietly pursue her writing career by entering contests and ghost writing articles. After ranking in several contests, she began writing her first novel, Black Diamond, scheduled for release in June 2010.

Ja’Nese Dixon is still an avid reader, she loves to write, run, cook, crochet, watch romantic comedy movies, attend live concerts, volunteer in several ministries in her church, and most importantly spend time with her family.

Ja’Nese Dixon spends her days marketing small businesses and her nights writing. To learn more visit

The Book

Camille Blackwell, an undercover FBI agent, poses as a jewelry purchaser in an international diamond trading company in hopes of identifying the domestic players in a vicious rebel group suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds.

The Bureau requests CIA renegade Marc Fulton’s assistance with sweeping international intelligence to identify the major rebel organizations with finances and stateside connections strong enough to evade criminal prosecution, despite Camille’s objections.

Sparks fly when Marc and Camille meet, their attraction is instant and tense. However, both resolve to focus on the case. But when Camille receives an encrypted memory stick from a murdered co-worker Marc may be the only person she can trust.

Black Diamond is the eagerly anticipated debut novel by Ja’Nese Dixon. True love, like black diamonds, is rare and precious; but when murder and a persistent criminal threaten a frail relationship, can love triumph?

In a borderless game of cat and mouse, will a chance at happily ever after be thwarted at the deadly scheme of the faceless leader of the Imperial Dynasty?

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CLG Review of Black Diamond

4 out of 5 Latte Rating

“Strong Story Full of Developed Characters, Romance, and Much Action”

If you enjoy intrigue, thrills, romance, and fast-paced storytelling, then you owe it to yourself to check out Ja’Nese Dixon’s debut novel, the romantic suspense Black Diamond.

In the novel, Camille Blackwell is an undercover FBI agent who must pose as a jewelry purchaser in an international diamond trading company to identify players suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds. When the Bureau requests CIA renegade Marc Fulton’s assistance in the case, sparks fly immediately between the pair despite Camille’s objections to Fulton’s participation. Camille finds herself looking to Marc when a co-worker is murdered; he’s the only person she might be able to trust in this case. The race is on for the pair to find the truth (and possibly love) before it’s too late.

Dixon offers us well-developed characters immersed in a storyline that will keep you reading from the thrilling prologue (which FORCED me to keep reading) to the satisfying ending. There’s enough spice and attraction between Camille and Marc to keep romance lovers reading, and there are definitely enough twists and turns and mystery to make the lover of action read to the end. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Dixon brings to readers next.


What are three books that have had a major influence on you as a writer? Why?
So parts of me wish I could list three high profile books. But I can’t and be totally honest with you and your readers. Each book here has a special place in my heart and I appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to explain.

“The Price of Passion” by Evelyn Palfrey
I found this book when I’d walked away from reading. I was in high school and turned off after reading so many stories that did not reflect my day-to-day life. Evelyn was a local author and Mitchie’s, an art gallery and Black bookstore, carried her books. I walked away from that book hungry to read more. I sat and wrote Evelyn a letter (yes, this was before email was popular). She responded and the rest, as they say, is history. I never looked back.

“Indigo” by Beverly Jenkins
Beverly is a true storyteller. So much so that I can read “Indigo” at least three times a year and still hold my breath at the passion between the characters. She makes me want to become a better storyteller.

“Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun” by By Reginald F. Lewis and Blair S. Walker
My cousin recommended this book to me when I was at a crossroad in my life. I had to choose whether I would accept the life that my circumstances dictated or if I was going to live the life that God told me I could have. This book is as real to me as my mother’s upbringing and my grandfather’s guidance and love. It made me nearly fearless.

I learned to never accept less than I deserved even if it means rolling up my sleeves and getting a little dirty.

What are two pieces of advice you would offer writers looking to get published?
Know your options. Research the industry, ask questions, and don’t be afraid of failure. Because that is where some of the best lessons are learned.

There is room for everyone. Despite the thousands of books published annually, there is only one you. No one can write the story that is meant for you to tell.

What is one thing that Ja’Nese Dixon can’t live without? Why?
My faith. It is the basis for the most influential relationship in my life. And that relationship is at the core of my marriage and how I raise my children. Without it, I’m nothing.