…so I thought I would post. Today was a normal day. At midnight, my sis and one of my brothers gave me gifts and a gift and proceeded to tell me how old I am, LOL. Always makes a girl feel good!

My MySpace had several notes of happy birthday, which was cool.

I had to go teach, I treated myself to Books-A-Million, delicious coffee, and the time to be a voyeur while I read student essays (it doesn’t take much to make me happy, really).

Now, I’m home, awaiting my yummy Chinese dinner so that I can read yet MORE student essays. Aren’t birthdays great?

Really, this one totally caught me off guard. Since Hurricane Rita, I haven’t paid too much to days and months. I just know that most days I work, and that’s what I do. Now, I spend my time working and worrying that another hurricane will make us have to leave again. :-/

So it wasn’t until my other brother called me from work about 11:30 last night and said, “Do you know that in 30 minutes you will be old?” that I realized my birthday was coming. Another year has slipped by and I barely realized it. Things have happened, not happened; there have been surprises, good and bad.

When I was younger, there were accomplishments I wanted to achieve before specific birthdays, especially the big 3-0. Many were achieved; many were not. Now that I hit the big 3-4 (I’m not TOO ashamed of my age-LOL–I still get mistakened for an undergrad on campus), I realized there were things I wanted to achieve before now, and especially before 3-5. Instead of being sad that I didn’t achieve them, which I was this morning as I sat in my office and shedded a few tears, I decided that I’m going to grab the damn bull by the horns and do the damn thing. What is “the damn thing,” you might ask? Oh, it’s many things, actually. The point is that I am going to make life happen so that when I turn 3-5 in another year, I can smile and say that I did something with my year instead of wait for another year to turn.

Well, lemme go get to those WONDERFUL essays…*rolling eyes, laughing*


  1. Happy Belated Birthday…we’re Virgo sisters…my b’day was on the 16th. Hopefully you relaxed and enjoyed your week. Heck, don’t stop celebrating…we still have the rest of the month…here’s a cyber cheer 🙂

  2. Happy (late) birthday.

    Birthdays are hard on perfectionists, it is true, but I’m sure that you’ve accomplished a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Being a professor, for instance, is a pretty big accomplishment especially considering that you are young.

    Good luck with those goals!

    -Stacy (from the chick lit Yahoo group)

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