Jovan and Cheyenne are the major chicas of Death at the Double Inkwell, but several men play integral roles to the telling of this story, and each man is his own man, too, with unique personalities that range from the misguided to the strong Alpha male.

Cordell Anderson is the love of Jovan’s life. The two met in college, and Cordell was quick to pursue her and make her his wife. He’s the founder and CEO of Anderson Technologies, a thriving technology company…or is it? So many secrets surround Cordell it’s hard to figure out just who he truly is. And as the story moves on, so many of those secrets are revealed that it takes Jovan’s memories of the good times for us to see that he wasn’t always an ass.

Timothy Anderson is Cordell’s younger brother. He and Cordell get compared to one another all the time–in looks alone. Their lives are as different as sun and moon. Whereas Cordell is a take charge, get what he wants when he wants it kind of man, Timothy is quiet, reserved, timid. He has collected some demons over the years, and in the past, he has used harmful means to eradicate those demons. He’s now trying to be on the up and up and make his life right, but a tragedy soon unravels his progress and his life.

Jimmy Devane is an associate of Cordell’s, which would be fine if he wasn’t A) an “associate” of a lot of Cordell’s competitors and B) an absolute slime ball. His allegiance is to the thing or the person that can get him the most money, damn the consequences.

Detective Ian Davenport is “the” man of the pack. He’s strong, confident, caring, and determined to right wrongs and put wrongdoers where they belong: in prison. When tragedy strikes Jovan’s life, Ian is quickly immersed into both Jovan’s and Cheyenne’s lives, much to Cheyenne’s chagrin. And despite the fact that he needs to be impartial to solve the case, Ian quickly finds himself drawn to the twins…one in particular.

Mark Brockman is a do-gooder, but when it comes to dealing with a serious situation in his life, he decides to “do him” instead of handling the situation, which leads to consequences he’s not prepared to handle. When his world is turned upside down, he finds comfort in the most unlikeliest place.

Each of these men has an agenda when it comes to Jovan, and she has to figure out which ones mean to do her harm and which ones mean to help her out of the darkness she’s cast into.

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