I think every author at some point is asked why they wrote the book they wrote. My answer to that question in regard to Make Your Writing Bloom is a simple one—I needed this book.

I had languished for quite some time in the pit of no writing. I was doing plenty of editing. I was doing plenty of coaching. I was doing plenty of free-advice giving. But what I was not doing was tapping into my own creativity.

Not only was my writing cut down, but also so were other outlets I use to be creative, like photography and doodling.

When you’re in that pit for too long, it is really easy to forget that you are creative. It is really easy for you to forget that you have this vast imagination that can conjure up worlds and characters and plots and situations that intrigue readers.

And I was in the spot.

So when I was looking through all the articles I had written over the years on writing so that I could pick a topic for my first on-writing project, writer’s block and stuck creativity where the first things to pop into my mind. I figured that if I could create something that could help me then perhaps it could help other writers, too.

Now, this is not to say that the book is a cure-all because let’s be honest—if you are a creative type, then you already know that we can fall into that dark pit from time to time.

The cool thing though is that with Make Your Writing Bloom, you have a tool to get out of the pit quicker and get back to the writing you love to do.


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