Yes, I’ve got’em. Those gobble gobble blues. Why, might you ask? Well, because of Hurricane Rita, we had T-day off, but not Friday. Friday was a writing day for my students, so I had them working on their essays over the T-day weekend. Therefore, I had a four-day break. With my bad foot and my overwhemingly increasing anxiety over finishing this semester, I ADORED my four-day break. I ate great food. The rest of my fam officially moved down here to LC, I got a lot of writing done, I rested, and I was just happy.

Today, it’s back to the grindstone and the million and one things I have to do in my life, half of which I probably don’t HAVE to do, but I can’t say NO, and there is a crazy part of me that actually wants to DO, DO, DO, and so I do and end up having, as stated before, a million and one things to do. I’m not sure how much I’m digging my students now, I’m tired of feeling like I’m the only one in the classroom that wants to be there and hey, I have three billion degrees, so I’m not there for another one nor my health. I’m tired of feeling like I have to pacify the students, and I’m tired of the students thinking they need brownie points for even COMING to class, let alone formatting their essays correctly. It’s tiring, and Xmas just can’t come fast enough for me.

*taking a big, big, BIG OL’ BREATH*

Yeah. Okay. Calm.

On the flip side of the blues, I am about 10 pages away from finishing my NanoWrimo book. I reached 50k on the 21st of this month, and I hope to finish the book either tonight or tomorrow. It will probably be about 70k–in which I will be heavily reading, revising, and adding about 10k.

In addition, one of my fave AA chick littish writers, Reon Laudat, will be my next interview for the blog. That will be posted in the next few weeks.

I’m off to write. While students were finishing up essays today, I sat and actually wrote long hand. With my tendonitis in both hands, it’s extremely hard to write long hand, but I got about five pages written, and I stopped at a place that will allow me to keep writing, 🙂

*WHEN* this book gets published, I will have a drawing for someone to win my autographed chicken scratch! LOL@Self