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Why should you check out the Winter 2009 Issue of SISTERDIVAS?

Because our MEDIA column is jammed full of great features with individuals whose talents move through words, through song, through acting, and through faith: authors Laurie Viera Rigler, Marilynn Griffith, and Paulette Harper; musician Brent Ellis of The Brent Ellis Group; singer/actress Alexis Grenier; and R&B star Shanice.

Because in our TOTAL BODY column, Dr. Cherry talks about why being “high maintenance” may not be such a bad thing, and entrepreneur Beverly Davis talks to SD about her business SundayCosmetics.

Because in our feature, LOVE BYTES, we bring you episode seven, where Destiny must decide if she’s going to move forward in her feelings for Devon or let her past dictate her life.

Because in our LIFE column — no matter the celebration – new year, Inauguration, Valentine’s Day, The Sipping Sommelier L. Denise Jackson has the perfect wine for you, and Lindsay Price – playwright for Theatrefolk – stops by to talk to us about her company.

Because in our RELATIONSHIPS column, authors Eternity Philops and Portia Rainey show you the importance of friendship and self-love and faith.

Because over @ BUZZWORTHY, we show you our top pics for hot TV shows, CDs, movies, and books for the first quarter of ’09.

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