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Why should you check out the Spring-Summer 2009 Issue of SISTERDIVAS?

Because @ MEDIA, we feature five individuals whose talents move through words, through song, and through celebrity entertainment: authors Brooke Green, Janete Scobie, and Leah Mullen; musician Roselyn Brown; and entertainment blogger Shari Weiss.

Because this issue of TOTAL BODY, we welcome Yolanda Shoshana as THE LUSCIOUS LIFESTYLE columnist; in her premiere column, she talks about a popular four-letter word.

Because in EPISODE EIGHT of LOVE BYTES, Destiny runs into her ex-fiancé and his new wife and learns news that could send her reeling.

Because over @ LIFE this issue, All That Glitters columnist Melodye Shore poignantly writes about hellos and goodbyes while SD interviews “The Relaxed Writer” Marla Beck, who talks about her career as a life coach for writers.

Because relationships of all kinds are explored this issue @ Relationships as Simone Grant AKA SINgleGIRL talks about being single in the city; Katie Stanton and Gloria Pan of Fem 2.0 discuss the importance of building relationships among women; and Yolanda Shoshana talks about the “luscious lifestyle.”

Because over @ BUZZWORTHY, we show you our top pics for hot TV shows, CDs, movies, and books for spring-summer ’09.

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