Two weeks. Two weeks before school will be over for the semester, and it had to happen. Saturday morning, I had this horrific, sharp pain in the middle of my chest. By nightfall, my throat was sore. This morning, I woke up with my face tight, my chest thick and my throat sore and slimy. Now I sit, just finished grading about 10 essays, about to go to bed so I can teach tomorrow, and I have this soreness right behind my right ear.

I worked really hard to fight away all illnesses despite how stressful this year has been for me: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally…(create an “-ally” and I’ve lived it). I should have known that now, right at the finish line, I would go tumbling mere inches from the line. Hell, two weeks ago when I fell and skinned up my arm, I should have known then.


Anyway, I joined a Chick Lit Writing Challenge group to jumpstart some writing. I really want to finish edits of the mystery novel and start sending that out again. I’ll use the group to work on the edits.

I have some summer projects I’d like to work on…a co-authored novel, an outline of a solo work, and a co-authored screenplay.

There’s so many things I want and need to do. While I’m working on the mystery novel, I will be reorganizing my submissions so that I can start sending them out and getting some feelers.

I’ve always been told to pray on something and put it aside. I’ve been praying about “making it” for so long, it feels like it will never come. Every day, somehow, I keep trying to retrain myself to believe this will happen, that my ‘scripts will not just lay dormant within my laptop. I just hope that all this love for writing, all this need to put my soul onto the page will come to light and people will be able to enjoy me and my work.

For now, I will go and lay my big, swollen, stuffy, achy head down, cry, and try to get some sleep.