The Passion for Writing Series: Author Marissa Tejada

Marissa Tejada is the author of the chick-lit/women’s fiction novel, Chasing Athens which was recently released as part of the Terpsichore contemporary romance imprint from award-winning digital romance publisher, Musa Publishing. Marissa, an American expat, found herself inspired to write the romantic comedy as she lived abroad. Born and raised in New York, Marissa now […]

Front Page News: Brenda Janowitz and The Lonely Hearts Club

Brenda is the author of RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE, JACK WITH A TWIST and SCOT ON THE ROCKS. Her fourth novel, THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB, was published by Polis Books on May 6th. Her work has also also appeared in the New York Post and Publisher’s Weekly. You can learn more about Brenda at […]

The Passion for Writing Series: Author Elle Young

Elle Young, born Leslie Leontyne Young, grew up on the south-side of Minneapolis, MN. She was born in Cleveland, TN, to two working class parents who decided to move to Minneapolis when Elle was six months old. Her parents were in hopes of finding a better life for her and her two older brothers. Elle […]

In Touch with Thread of Gold Beads Author Nike Campbell-Fatoki

Amelia, daughter of the last independent King of Danhomè, King Gbèhanzin, is the apple of her father’s eye, loved beyond measure by her mother, and overprotected by her siblings. She searches for her place within the palace amidst conspirators and traitors to the Kingdom. Just when Amelia begins to feel at home in her role […]

Talking #DIGITAL #SISTERHOOD with Author Ananda Leeke

Ananda Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke became a pioneer in the digital universe twenty-seven years ago, when she logged in to the LexisNexis research service as a first-year law student at Howard University School of Law. She was immediately smitten with what the World Wide Web could do. Later, while attending the UN Fourth World Conference on […]

The Passion for Writing Series: Author Lorie Hardy

Lorie Hardy, is CEO/Founder of, an organization focusing on the four main aspects of life; finance, health, employment and love, with an emphasis on love. Blessed with a genuine love for humanity, a positive outlook on life, she believes there is someone for each of us and desires to see everyone in happy and […]

The Passion for Writing Series: Author Kai Leakes

From Iowa, but later relocating to Alton, IL and St. Louis, MO, Kai Leakes was a multifaceted Midwestern child, who gained an addiction to books at an early age. Sharing stories with her cousins as a teen, writing books didn’t seem like something she would pursue until one day in college. Storytelling continues to be […]