All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Review of Cecilia T. Capers’ To Whom Much Is Given

[Click cover to order To Whom Much Is Given today!] Success has a price and sometimes loved-ones become collateral damage. Avery Benjamin is a beautiful, 30-something, talented New York City corporate attorney of West Indian and African American heritage. A dynamic multicultural mosaic of women friends augments her life. Avery loves Antonio Dawson, a professional football […]

View the Wonderful Cinematic Trailer to Cecilia T. Capers’ Novel, TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN

Purchase your copy of To Whom Much Is Given at Amazon! Set in New York City, To Whom Much Is Given tells the tale of Avery, a talented, intelligent, and beautiful ‘30-something’ attorney with all the trappings of success as a member of the modern, African American “Talented Tenth.” She has the love and support of a multicultural […]