Yes. The time is here. November. If you quiet yourself, you can hear the feverish banging on keyboards as thousands of people over the entire world propelled themselves into the exciting, frustrating, and insane activity of writing 50,000 words toward a novel. Yes, that’s write, er, right: NanoWrimo.

I’m crazy. I’m doing it again. My name is chicklitgurrl, so if you are nanowrimo-ing, add me as a buddy.

I don’t know what genre my story falls under, but it’s titled La Doña Rising, and it pays homage to my favorite movie, The Godfather. It’s about family tradition, the family business, and one woman’s possible rise in that business.

Come join me in the crazy fun of NanoWrimo.

PS–>new interview coming in a day or two! 🙂