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Shonell Bacon is a creative passionista: author, blogger, coffee/tea addict, crafter, editor, and educator.

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What I’m Currently Writing [Wednesday’s WORD]

This week’s word is writing–specifically, what I am writing these days. For a long time, my writing was centered on writing comments on students’ papers and on editing clients’ manuscripts. However, before I was a teacher and before I was an editor, I was a writer. I AM a writer. And now more than ever, […]

Rock the Tiara with Passionista Julia Press Simmons

Rock the Tiara features women who are living their passion by any means necessary. August’s RtT Recipient is a woman I’ve known for YEARS, and she is one of the funniest, one of the realest, one of the most talented chicas in my squad: Julia Press Simmons! Read about her awesomeness below and check out […]

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