For over a decade, the name ChickLitGurrl has been a part of my life.

Originally, the name came from this simple thought: I am a girl who loves literature by chicks.

For most of my life, before and after the creation of the name, this has been true.

It was only appropriate that now, as people see the name and think of Shonell Bacon, that I would finally come home to the name, create a site, and try to blend all the things that make me, me into one digital home space.

That is what will attempt to do.

On the site, you will learn about the various aspects of my life, my worlds as author, crafter, editor, and educator.

You will be able to buy books I write, crafts I create, editorial services, webinar courses, and more.

You will be able to read blog posts about my goings on, editing and writing tips, celebrating women, and more!

Below are the blog series you will regularly experience.


Once a month with Rock the Tiara, I will feature a woman who is living her passion by any means necessary. You’ll learn about her, her life, her passion, and what she’s learned along the way–and perhaps we can glean some good info from her and make her journey that much more successful!




Every day, we are making things. We are making our bodies, minds, and spirits better; we are making stories and art and movies and crafts; we are making our lives–from home to work–better. On Making Mondays, I blog on the various ways in which I make.





On Wednesday’s WORD, I will share stories about my faith and tips and thoughts on writing–including my personal writing journey.






Sometimes, you just have to let loose. Things happen in the world that make you feel, and you have to release those feelings. In Bacon Bits posts, you can see posts on current events, faith, humor, tragedies, love, and literally every and anything.





Here on ChickLitGurrl, I share my journey.

Come join me.


About Head Chica in Charge of ChickLitGurrl: Shonell Bacon



Author. Blogger. Coffee/Tea Addict. Crafter. Editor. Educator. Writing Coach.

A Jacqueline of all trades and a mistress of some, Shonell Bacon’s primary goals are to educate, entertain, and excite.

As an author, Shonell’s women’s fiction, mysteries, and rom-coms leave readers satiated and hungry for more. At the heart of everything she writes creatively readers will find broken women made strong through their determination and actions.

Shonell’s love of the written word moved her to not only take on the task of editor in 1999, but it also pushed her to pursue her MFA in Creative Writing (fiction) in 2001. Since then, she has helped 100s of writers develop their writing craft through her editing services, articles, and online projects, like Writing Boot Camp. The result, which Shonell loves, is seeing her clients excited to write that phenomenal next book.

Shonell’s desire to help develop strong writers fuses with the work she has done as an educator of English (Developmental Writing, English Composition, Advanced Grammar), mass communication (Writing for the Media, Emerging Media Practices, etc.), and creative writing at the university level.


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    Hello Shonell:
    You are from my neck of the woods. I’m a new indie author seeking reviews and exposure for my novels. I would love to do an interview or have you review one of my books. You may be most interested in Tangled, a Southern Gothic Yarn because it takes place north of Galveston and ventures slightly into New Orleans. My bio: Phyllis H. Moore is an emerging author. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and is currently retired from the field after thirty years. Following retirement, she owned and operated a bed and breakfast with her husband in a small, historic community in south Texas. Her combined careers, gave her inspiration for several fiction stories, and the writing began. Phyllis has been published in online literary journals, Fiction Southeast, and the Yellow Chair Review. She currently has five novels in publication, The Sabine Trilogy, Sabine, Josephine’s Journals and Secrets of Dunn House, Phyllis also has two stand-alone novels, Opal’s Story and Tangled, a Southern Gothic Yarn and an anthology of spooky short stories inspired by real places and events, The Bridge on Jackson Road. She has authored one nonfiction book, Retirement, Now What? She blogs on her web site Follow her on Pinterest and Facebook.
    Phyllis lives on a small ranch in south Texas with her husband and their adopted terrier, Ollie Bubba. She enjoys reading writing, travel, gardening and spending time in her second home on Galveston Island, Texas, visiting her adult children, Phillip, Sarah and Walter.

    Tangled Synopsis: A southern family saga emerges as twenty one year old Annette “Nettie” Roberta Randall begins a journey of self-discovery. The perception and sensitivity she relied on to bolster her through an isolated childhood have disappeared and with them her sense of self. She struggles daily with her dysfunctional family and the mysteries that whisper to her in their eccentric family home. Alcohol induced monologues by her mother, Delores Cecelia, “DeCe” provide glimpses. However, DeCe lost herself long before Nettie was born, and she buried her secrets so deep, they are tangled in her own confusion. Pup, Nettie’s peculiar uncle, has some insight, but he has been silenced by fears darker than DeCe or Nettie can imagine.

    Happy to send an ARC if you think it is something you might want to consider. Thank you for your time.

    • chicklitgurrl


      Hey there, Phyllis! Just checked out your site. Would love to review your novel! Sending you an e-mail now.

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