Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Well. Guess what? Had something good happen this week and almost immediately, something horrible happened. Good thing first :: I’ve been offered a promotion of sorts at work. Will be teaching at-risk students starting in the fall, for a year, for a grant the VP for the university received. Things are still a bit sketchy, […]

Trudging Through Life

I’m stressed as all get out. I’m about 3 seconds away from “testing” prostitution as a mean to get some funds…and I don’t think I’d made a good hooker. I get paid next week, but that money (and then some) is already spent for late bills. My school loans have kicked in, but I don’t […]

Just Another Manic Monday

Yeah, I like the Bangles…so what? And also, it HAS been a manic Monday. Was beYOND pissed this morning because I actually had to get up and go to school. Why? Well, grades were due today by 10am. I had all 107 grades in except for ONE student who was having computer troubles. *sigh* Me, […]