ChickLitGurrl LLC is a creative business that provides writing, editing, and digital and print content creation services. CLG’s mission to provide these services is tied directly to the African-American proverb “Each one teach one.”

Founder Shonell Bacon knows of the freedom, the joy, and the love of self that comes from participating in creative endeavors, and through CLG, she reaches and teaches others to use their creativity and words to be better writers, communicators, and, ultimately, better versions of themselves. By “being better,” they can feed their minds, bodies, and spirits, thus reflecting creative spirits that will then reach and teach those whom they connect with.

Through CLG, Shonell showcases her roles as author, editor, and stationery designer. For the last 20 years, she has had a hand in writing and publishing in multiple genres; editing for indie publishers and individual writers in genres that range from academic to fantasy, from Christian self-help to steamy romances; and developing digital content that helps people organize their lives and complement their original projects.


  1. Hello Shonell:
    You are from my neck of the woods. I’m a new indie author seeking reviews and exposure for my novels. I would love to do an interview or have you review one of my books. You may be most interested in Tangled, a Southern Gothic Yarn because it takes place north of Galveston and ventures slightly into New Orleans. My bio: Phyllis H. Moore is an emerging author. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and is currently retired from the field after thirty years. Following retirement, she owned and operated a bed and breakfast with her husband in a small, historic community in south Texas. Her combined careers, gave her inspiration for several fiction stories, and the writing began. Phyllis has been published in online literary journals, Fiction Southeast, and the Yellow Chair Review. She currently has five novels in publication, The Sabine Trilogy, Sabine, Josephine’s Journals and Secrets of Dunn House, Phyllis also has two stand-alone novels, Opal’s Story and Tangled, a Southern Gothic Yarn and an anthology of spooky short stories inspired by real places and events, The Bridge on Jackson Road. She has authored one nonfiction book, Retirement, Now What? She blogs on her web site Follow her on Pinterest and Facebook.
    Phyllis lives on a small ranch in south Texas with her husband and their adopted terrier, Ollie Bubba. She enjoys reading writing, travel, gardening and spending time in her second home on Galveston Island, Texas, visiting her adult children, Phillip, Sarah and Walter.

    Tangled Synopsis: A southern family saga emerges as twenty one year old Annette “Nettie” Roberta Randall begins a journey of self-discovery. The perception and sensitivity she relied on to bolster her through an isolated childhood have disappeared and with them her sense of self. She struggles daily with her dysfunctional family and the mysteries that whisper to her in their eccentric family home. Alcohol induced monologues by her mother, Delores Cecelia, “DeCe” provide glimpses. However, DeCe lost herself long before Nettie was born, and she buried her secrets so deep, they are tangled in her own confusion. Pup, Nettie’s peculiar uncle, has some insight, but he has been silenced by fears darker than DeCe or Nettie can imagine.

    Happy to send an ARC if you think it is something you might want to consider. Thank you for your time.

    • chicklitgurrl

      Hey there, Phyllis! Just checked out your site. Would love to review your novel! Sending you an e-mail now.

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