Knowing Your Editor’s Editing Philosophy

My latest Blood-Red Pencil post, “Knowing Your Editor’s Editing Philosophy,” came about after reading another BRP bloggers post titled “Who Is Your Editor?” There has been plenty of advice for writers about researching agents and publishers and making sure writers have a good fit with these people; it’s equally important to have a good relationship […]

Organic Description – Latest Blood-Red Pencil Post

Description in storytelling is one of those things that can make a story sing or make a story sink. In my latest Blood-Red Pencil post, “Writing in 140: Organic Description,” I talk about the importance of weaving description into your story instead of clumping long passages of description into a work, thus slowing the pace […]

Dealing with Fear of Criticism & Rejection – Latest Blood-Red Pencil Article

Every once in a while, I get a question from a young writer, and I’m always eager to respond because I remember being a young writer and not really having the guidance and advice from others to help me. For my latest piece at The Blood-Red Pencil, I answer the following question from a young […]