For the month of NOVEMBER, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is spotlighting FEMALE WRITERS!

During our final week, we are featuring Sarah Weathersby, author of the memoir, Motherless Child, stories from a life!

About the book: Imagine you gave a baby up for adoption forty years ago, and after years of trying to find her, she finds you. Now come the hard questions. She’s healthy, beautiful, and successful, but she wants to know why you gave her away and why you didn’t marry her father. And there is also the unspoken question of “What kind of black woman gives her baby away?” How do you explain to her that giving her away was the best gift you could offer? This is Sarah Weathersby’s first published work, a coming-of-age-in-the-sixties-single-black-pregnant and on the way to Germany, memoir.

The Question for November: Reflect on the stories you have written – the stories waiting to be written. What themes, topics do you find your writerly mind pushing you to write? How do these themes, topics portray themselves through you as a female writer?

To begin her response, Sarah wrote, “I write about the things that keep me awake at night, as well as the things that bring me joy. If you follow my blogs, the topics can be the trivial how to work my new camera or the gut-wrenching mental breakdown of a family member. I started writing poems as a little girl when my oldest brother went off to the Korean War.”

Head to All the Blog’s a Page to read the rest of Sarah’s response to November’s question…and to read a wonderful excerpt from her memoir!

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