Caring What People Think by Daphine Glenn Robinson

4 out of 5 Rating

I love characters, characters with depth, characters that make me feel and make me care about their journey. The main character of Daphine Glenn Robsinson’s latest novel, CARING WHAT PEOPLE THINK does all those things for me. We get inside Dannica Rawlins’ mind, a mind riddled with depression and low self-worth since the passing of her father and her leaving the church…and God. When a successful, strong, loving, faith-filled man falls for her, Dannica must decide if it’s time to allow God to wash away her pain and let joy and love into her heart and soul. I enjoyed following Dannica on her path, and I equally enjoyed reading a Christian fiction in which the main characters were REAL and not so sanctified that they couldn’t be reached. Several messages resonate throughout Robinson’s novel, but there was one that connected with me and made these characters and the story all the more entertaining: you can overcome past hurt and be happy with the help of God and the help of people who truly love you. Although there were a few things that slowed the read for me, like lengthy dialogue and some telling, overall this is a story I would definitely recommend to others who want to be filled with faith yet not preached to. ~~ Shon Bacon