4 out of 5 Rating

I Like It Hot, Too

In the romance world, Brenda Jackson is practically a household name; she is known for her bestselling sexy stories that turn up the heat between flawed but real men and women. In her first ever short story collection, Jackson continues to add the sizzle she’s known and loved for. In a book titled SOME LIKE IT HOT, a reader wants the HOT, and I got it here. The sexual tension between the main characters is palpable, especially in my favorite of the five stories, “Strictly Business.” Almost more so than Jackson’s way with the sexy word, I enjoyed the main characters Jackson developed. Out of the five stories, no two characters are alike, and their yearnings, that “something” that pulled them through the story, felt real and authentic. My only issue, and it’s a “me thing” is length of stories. At times, I felt like I was reading either really long short stories or short novellas, but Jackson’s talent as a writer keeps you from feeling the stories trudge along. Hopefully, Jackson will grace us with more shorter works in the futures – “quickies” to whet our “need to have it now” appetites!

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