Today, CLG catches up with the author that actually made her want to crank out a graduate paper that examined themes found in her awesome debut novel, SUGAR: Bernice McFadden!

What are the latest happenings in your writerly world?
Okay what’s new with me – well I’m working on three novels — crazy I know — I’m hoping it’ll help me lose weight! LOL

Seduction (pre-order @, the 4th novel in the Geneva Holliday “Groove” series will be available in June 2008.

Here’s a description:

In Geneva Holliday’s latest novel of lust and revenge, SEDUCTION works both ways.

Mildred Johnson is the last woman on earth that gorgeous Tony Landry would dare to be seen with. That is, until Tony wants to pull a scam on the company where she works. In order to keep Mildred signing phony documents, Tony gives Mildred a taste of romance and keeps raising the stakes until he’s eventually forced to propose. But when the big day arrives he skips town with the money he’s stolen.

Heartbroken, Mildred takes a trip to Barbados where her “vacation” turns out to be a boot-camp style weight loss clinic! Soon she discovers a goddess that had been hiding beneath her homely exterior. And when she runs into Tony on the island, he doesn’t even recognize the sexy fox standing before him. Little does he know that this fox has a plan for revenge that will leave him whimpering with his tail between his legs for a good, long time.

Also, Random House is hard at work putting together a book trailer for Seduction. So, I’m excited to see how that turns out.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about the writing industry over the last year?
I’ve learned that the devil comes in all shapes, sizes and media (even a little hand held $400 gadget called the Kindle).

If you love good literature, then you’ll most definitely want to check out Bernice; you can learn more about her and her works at her WEBSITE and her MYSPACE page!