Today, CLG talks to one of her fave writers – someone who always has her hands in EVERYTHING….DONNA HILL!

What’s the latest happenings in your writerly world?
Wow, I just finished the first book in a new 4 book series: The Ladies Cartel. The first book of the series drops in February.

It’s called Sex & Lies and is available @!
The series centers around a group of women who work undercover doing everything from surveillence to impersonations. And not every husband and lover knows what his lady does on the side.

My other very hot project is On The Line ( It is a novel that contains 18 high profile authors who came together for this project. The story centers around a reality radio host who has an all or nothing attitude. Everyone and everything is fair game. But then the tables turn. The novel is sexy, funny, eye-opening, and totally outrageous. I think readers will love it. On The Line hits bookstores in January.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about the writing industry over the last year?
One thing I’ve learned, not just this year but every year is that nothing is guaranteed. What works for one author won’t work for you. What worked last time, won’t work this time. The main thing is consistency, steadily building a loyal readership and hope that they will stick with you during the good and bad times. And I guess the most important thing is not to fall into trends. Trends fade (even if it takes a while). So write the book that is in you, a story that you believe in. Be versatile.

As for the publishing industry… like Heidi Klum says on Project Runway… One day you’re in, the next … you’re out! You’re only as good as your last sell through. So if you plan on having longevity in the business, you need to be able to see beyond the book in front of you…but five years down the road. Writing is an art, but it’s also a business. And in order to succeed in business, you must think and plan like a business person, especially when it comes to your finances. Royalties are never guaranteed, so you can’t pin your hopes, dreams, and the roof over your head on what you might get in the mail twice per year.

And when it’s all said and done, all you can do is write the best book possible, not get caught up in what some other author has achieved, not get bummed out by lousy reviews, but rather concentrate on mastering the craft of writing and give it your best every damned time.

To learn MORE about all the AWESOME things that Donna does, check her out online @ her WEBSITE and @ MYSPACE!