For the months of June and July, All the Blog’s a Page (AtBaP) is looking at how culture plays a role in writing. In June, we talked with erotic author Dapharoah69 and women’s fiction author Wendy Tokunaga. Up next is an author I have enjoyed for a while now, Angela Henry!

Part-time GED instructor Kendra Clayton’s spring break is proving to be anything but relaxing. First her best friend, Lynette, suffers a major panic attack days before her wedding and vanishes. Then her sister, Allegra, who craves attention the way Kendra craves chocolate brownies, arrives in town determined to land an interview with screen legend Vivianne DeArmond for the TV show Hollywood Vibe.

But Allegra’s interview plans hit a glitch when she discovers the diva’s lifeless body in her dressing room, stabbed in the back with a letter opener. The police peg Allegra as the prime suspect, but Kendra knows her sister is no murderer, even if she is guilty of acting a little too friendly around Kendra’s man lately.

As Kendra starts to investigate and whittle down the list of Vivianne’s enemies, she uncovers some surprising Hollywood secrets. But she’ll need to act fast. Because every step toward the truth puts her in danger of becoming a victim of a ruthless killer’s encore performance…

Come by AtBaP to read more Angela Henry’s thoughts on the African American culture and writing…and to also read an excerpt from her book, Diva’s Last Curtain Call!

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