OK, not true, but I had to say it.

In the last 72 hours, I have spent over 25 of them here on campus, reading through this developmental writing book that should have been out to the publisher Friday. It’s Monday. Today, I’m going through the back end with the senior faculty member overriding the project. Yesterday, I was here from 9am to midnight. Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Today, I’m here to do round robin grading of essays for someone else’s class and to try to finish this book so it can be shipped out today.

To say my eyes are bleeding would be an understatement. My beautiful, brown eyes are marred by their own little luggage, 🙁

I am DREAMING about this book. I can’t wait for it to go away from me. If I hear of faulty predication or mixed construction or subject-verb agreement error, or fragments in the next three to four weeks, I will shoot somebody. Be warned! Thing that sucks is that I know when we get the book back, there will be that ONE error I WISHED we would have caught. Isn’t it always the case?

I’m really hoping it’s done today because I do want to get a few days of sleep in. Well, SOME sleep. I do have some things planned for this week. Plan to get websites again for the two magazines, SISTERDIVAS and THE NUBIAN CHRONICLES and have them out for the summer by the end of the month. Two weeks late, but hey…grammar and essay writing called. SOWWEE!

I also plan to outline a new book idea that has been burning my brain for about a month now. It’s a chick lit mystery that I hope to work into a series. Really excited about it. Also, probably starting next week, I will begin working on a screenplay with my friend Bill. We’ve been talking about the story for about a year now, and I have some time to start working on that. I know in the fall, with Bill graduating and me losing my mind with a new “gig”, it will be hard to find quality time to write.

You know what this means, don’t you? ORGANIZATION. Stellar Organization to be exact. I will need to plan my next five weeks away from school meticulously so that I can get a few things underway:

1) Create lesson plans for my new classes
2) Outline a book (maybe start it)
3) Begin a script

There may be, and probably is, more things on that list. I can’t just do one thing at a time. I need to juggle all the dishes and the appliances in the kitchen or I feel off.

Anyway, let me end this here. I’m in a rambly mood, and I feel a long ramble coming on!!!

ONE LAST THING: Starting this weekend, I will be posting occasional interviews from hot and up-and-coming (and still HOT!) female authors here. I am a writer–though the writing is slow coming these days–and immersing myself back into writing by talking to writers about writing seems like a good thing to do. PLUS, you guys get to see what good writers consider good writing AND read some interesting things from these authors as “women” and not just writers.