I may be in my early-30s, but over the last week or two, I have felt every bit of a 100. First, my foot and leg were acting up, and now my back. Luckily, the pain in my foot has subsided, but I fear it’s because my back is now driving me nuts. I hurt my back when I was 16 and since, I get really bad back pains and stiffening up that can last several days. This is day 2. If it’s still bothering me tomorrow, I am going to get some medical help. Been taking meds and having my sister rub stinky cream on my back. Nothing seems to be working.

Alas. I couldn’t lay in my bed a minute longer. I’m propped up in a chair by pillows and occasionally, I have to call on my sister or one of my brothers (who are finally here in LA and staying with me for the time being) to help me up or get something for me.

I’m telling you, we really do take for granted walking and moving around on our own–at least I know I did. I won’t anymore.

While I’m unable to run around, I’m at the computer getting work done.

I haven’t touched my NANOWRIMO novel yet. I’ll take a few days more away from it and get some notes and ideas down of how I’d like to revise it, and then I’ll tackle.

Back to school stuff. Yours in bad backs and swollen feet, 🙂