Every Woman Needs a Plan (EWNAP) focuses on self-love, time management, and goal setting skills to help women clear out mental and physical clutter. This is the only way to figure out and to make room for what you really want in your life!

What will you learn from EWNAP?

√ Direct instructions on how to create your very own Life Plan!
√ Simple tips to erase clutter & chaos from your mind, your home, & your life!
√ An essential cleaning guide & tips for any woman caring for a family & a home!
√ A journal to keep your inner most thoughts on your journey to Loving your Life!
√ Much, much more for the Woman that wants to do & be it all!

About the Author

Ciara Denise was born and raised in South Florida. Growing up in a home with four sisters and a brother, privacy was always scarce. Ciara turned to writing at the age of ten as a means to maintain her sanity. Through writing she was able to not only express her feelings and inner thoughts; she was also able to better understand them. Now a grown woman with a family of her own, She has fully realized what it means to multi-task! Between working full time as a Paralegal, maintaining a household, and running after toddlers, she was soon running on empty and looking for solutions. Ciara realized that the only way to be able to do all the things she loved and still have the energy to take care of herself, she would need a plan. She turned to the one thing that had always kept her sane and proceeded to write out all of her responsibilities. After organizing and prioritizing all the things that made up her life that plan was beginning to look more like a Life Plan that detailed everything that she truly wanted her life to be. All she had to do was DECIDE on the changes she wanted to make and implement them by way of her life plan! It was time to stop re-acting to life and begin living in a way that would truly make her happy!

A Peek inside Every Woman Needs a Plan

Why you need a plan…

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Ciara Denise, but you can call me Cc! By the time you read this entire book you will probably know more about me than some of my closest friends. I’m going to get really personal simply because I feel it’s important for you to understand my struggles with growing into my womanhood in order for you to completely understand the triumph I feel at this stage in my life and how you can get to that point as well.

It’s no new development that women are the back bones of the family. We hold it all together, wearing too many hats to keep up with and often times throwing on others’ hats as well. And whether you are ready to admit it or not WE LOVE IT! Yes, we do. I don’t know any woman who wants their children or man going to another woman for a.n.y.thing! Do you? I love the fact that my family looks to me for what they need, as they should.

The only problem is how easy it is to get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that you forget about the most important person in your family … YOU. There is no way around it, if you don’t find a way to replenish all that you give out … the well will dry up and it will do so very quickly. Leaving you drained, unhappy and so easily triggered that you really can’t handle anything extra. So the challenge comes in wanting to do and be it all…

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