Today, CLG talks with Destiny Reynolds, the sweet, lovable, yet crazy lead character in Karamel Brown’s debut novel, GOTTA BE DESTINY!

Now you know I need the 4-1-1 on you, Ms. Destiny. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.
Well let’s see. I would have to say that I’m a successful, independent sistah who strives for excellence at all times. It’s funny – I’m such a perfectionist. I try not to be, but I can’t help it. I know we’re not perfect, but I try to be, especially at work…just to prove the naysayers wrong, ya know???

I know that you’re a news producer. How busy does that keep you? Is it the job you’ve always wanted?
Gurrl, I’ve graduated from being a news producer although I had to take over the reigns for this chick who holed herself up under the booth…lol. Anyway, I work M-F, then I’m on call on some weekends. It can get pretty annoying especially when Seth and I are trying to have “us” time with planning this wedding and whatnot.

Okay…those were perfunctory questions, LOL – can I just tell you that your ex Mike is an absolute punk? I cannot believe he had another fiancee. Why didn’t you kill him? Better yet, why didn’t you let your FATHER kill him?
Gurrl, I don’t even want to get on that fool…lol, but yeah he’s a punk that’s currently behind bars, thank God. You know what??? As scared as I was that day in that bedroom, I wanted to kill him, but most importantly, I wanted to be as far from his crazy behind as possible. And I didn’t want Daddy going to jail over his behind…it so wouldn’t be worth it.

Relationships are so hard – sometimes, they seem really hard for career-oriented woman as she has to bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan. How difficult do you think relationships are for women with careers? Did your career ever affect your relationship(s)?
Well now that I’m with Seth, frying up the bacon and bringing it home isn’t so bad. That’s one of the things I love most about my baby. He supports me in everything I do and try…

I wasn’t going to mention it, but you did something that I believe a LOT of women do – you bring your past emotional luggage into new relationships. There was Mike, a seemingly great guy with another fiancé, but then there was Seth, a righteous man with so many positive qualities. Yet, you were so fearful to attempt anything with him. Talk to us about your feelings, about why you were so afraid to trust, to start something with Seth.
You know what??? I kick myself everyday when I think about what I put Seth through. I know what I did was wrong, but when you’ve been through what I’ve been through, it’s very hard to trust, no matter who the guy is or how special he may seem. It took me awhile as you know, but now a sistah got her “act right” on. Lol

How do you think you were able to overcome those issues and move into your happily ever after?
By letting go and letting God. That’s what eventually helped me through my darkest hours.

Have you heard or saw anything new with your ex, Mike?
Heck nah and he betta stay away, too.

What about Cherri? I’m sure she’s tiring out her hubby and still trying to get her big break!
Ha! Yeah, my homie is tiring the heck out of her hubby, and you know what? She just landed a great role in this independent flick called 1 Impressionz. I’m so proud of her.

If you were to have a son, what is some advice you would give him in regards to relationships and women?
Okay, see, if I have a son, I’m going to keep him so busy that he won’t have time to talk to these fast heffas that be out here…lol. Nah, I’m going to tell him to watch his Daddy ‘cause he seriously knows how to treat a lady. Most importantly, I’ll tell my baby he better treat women like he treats his Mama.

If you were to have a daughter, what is some advice you would give her in regards to relationships and men?
Oh, see, now you trippin’ *cracking up* Okay, now if I have a daughter, Seth probably won’t even let her date ‘til she’s 40!!!! I’ll tell her to watch how her daddy treats me. That’s the type of man she should look for.

I know that you and Seth – through a long, arduous, emotional, dramatic, hilarious (add ANY adjective here) journey – have found true love. Having said that, if something major and insane was to pop off again, do you think you’re stable enough now to listen and work through problems, or do you think the old Destiny would rear her head and want to flee?
First off, I’m so not the person I used to be. That Destiny had a lot of growing up to do. And there is no situation now that my baby and I can’t get through.

Check out CLG’s GLOWING review of GBD:

News producer Destiny Reynolds’s life oftentimes feels like a dream – she has a good job, a great girlfriend to confide in, “interesting” parents who love her unconditionally, and a sexy, talented man who makes her sigh with sheer satisfication.

And then she wakes up from her dream and realizes that her man is not only a cheating dog, but he’s also a cheating dog with a fiancee on the side.

Right at the beginning of debut author Karamel Brown’s novel, GOTTA BE DESTINY, you’re brought into the drama that is Destiny’s life, a life where now she wants nothing to do with men and wants to reconnect with herself and get that promotion at the station she’s been wanting for a while.

And then fate steps in and one frigid morning, Destiny finds herself at a gas station with a sexy-voiced, handsome man holding the nozzle ready to fill her tank…and perhaps refill her heart with love.

Of course, things don’t run smoothly. The handsome man in question, Seth Martin, has just got out of his own crazy relationship and has rededicated himself to God, a move that instantly frightens Destiny off. She hasn’t been to church in so long, she fears getting struck upon even entering a church. But those fears are quickly pushed aside when Seth, a man full of patience, of heart, and of understanding, waits for her heart to tell her what’s true: that she has fallen for Seth.

And then she professes her feelings and on the precipice of a love high, Destiny’s world comes crashing around her when Seth’s ex returns with news that rocks Destiny and Seth’s relationship and again, makes Destiny question her choices in men and her inability to truly be happy. Will the spiteful, neck popping ex and her life-altering news forever shatter the relationship? Will Destiny be able to look beyond the news? Will Seth be able to show Destiny that she’s truly the one for him? Will fate, destiny, faith, and belief intervene and show the couple what’s really the truth?

Well, to get the answers to those questions, you have to read Brown’s debut novel, a novel that I’m a huge fan of. GOTTA BE DESTINY is a story that’s fun and light – who doesn’t want to read about the crazy friendships of women, crazy exes, crazy drama, and crazy blossoming, dramatic new relationships? It’s also a story that can touch you when you least expect it as faith and belief stay strong threads in the story.

We all know or are a Destiny – vulnerable, bubbly, loving, fearful, excited, sexy, silly – a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and wants to have a blessed life with a good job, good friends, and a good man that honestly and truly cares for her…that is, if she could only release the demons of relationships past and leave room for something good. And because we know or are a Destiny, we will no doubt root for her happiness and take the journey with her and she tries to find her happiness. She’s a strong enough character to follow, and Brown writes a story that is solid enough to make you want to follow Destiny…right to the end.

I look forward to seeing what this young author brings to us next.

Want to learn more about Destiny…and Seth and Cherri and Mike and the rest of the gang? Then definitely purchase a copy of Karamel Brown’s debut novel, GOTTA BE DESTINY by clicking HERE!