CHARACTER. Every story has them, and their development is vital to any great story. This month at ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE, we’re talking to authors about GREAT CHARACTER. Authors talk to us about what they think makes up a great character, what great character they’ve found in others’ works, and what great character lurks within one of their own works.

Kicking off March’s GREAT CHARACTER series is an author I’m proud to call a sister. With every story she writes, she brings sassy, sexy, sensual characters to the forefront–and it doesn’t hurt that she’s an excellent poet to boot, author Samara King!

A masked lover
A year ago, Club Reign owner, Belinda Gilles threw the first Grown & Sexy Masquerade Ball without a hitch – that was until she encountered a masked man whose touch made her forget about her past. Did she dare to believe that her masked lover would show his face again?

What lies beneath…
When Jordan Harris discovers that Belle is the woman he encountered under the mask a year ago, he sets out to make her his, even if it means opening old wounds she’d vowed to never forgive him for.

Come on by All the Blog’s a Page now to read Samara’s thoughts on great characters, and delight in the tasty treat she offers in an excerpt of Hot to the Touch! Head to All the Blog’s a Page [NOW] to read more!

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