We’re in a Holiday Inn in Bossier City, Louisiana. Thank God. We arrived late last night. It was an E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E to get the two rooms, but we are very grateful. Word from my mom, who is in Lake Charles, is that operation Calcasieu Comeback starts tomorrow. There are places in LC that have electricity, water, and gas working. There are still places where a lot of work is needed, but it’s been almost three weeks now and LC wants to get itself back together.

I hope to get back home within the next week. Who knows what exactly will happen because I don’t drive, and really, because I came with a “group,” we will leave as a group. I just want to get home so than I can start cleaning the mess that will undoubtedly be there.

There is so many crazy stories that have taken place over the last two weeks or so. Some will be to come.

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  1. Hope things are better since your last post. I was wondering why the rss wasn’t showing any updates.

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