This is my first posting here, and I’m jumping right in…no intro or anything. I apologize for that. Intros later. I promise.

I’m a bit frustrated. This writing game is hard work. I’m constantly battling the demons that tell me I’ll never get published again. Agent has been working with two of my novels for about two years…no one has bought them yet. *sigh*

Working on revisions of one of the books, a mystery. On the bus home from school last week, I had an idea for an addition to the book. We’ll see how that plays out.

There are a lot of things I would like to write, but I’m finding it hard to 1) find the time to write and 2) find my creative juices again.

There’s a novel I’ve started with my best friend, T. We came up with what I think will be a great novel, and it will probably get picked up before my solo works. T is doing more work than me at the moment because I’m constantly grading BAD English 101 and 102 essays, but alas.

Anyway, it’s hitting on midnight, and I’m going to try to put in about an hour or two on this mystery novel before I call it a night.

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