Title of your latest book: BETWEEN TEARS

Pitch BETWEEN TEARS to potential readers in 50 words or less.

Andrea Young’s sister is murdered, and she thinks there’s more to the crime than what meets the eye. Can it be a good thing when she falls in love with her sister’s ex, a possible suspect? When Andrea’s disturbed former boyfriend turns up dead as well, she must figure out the truth.

What was the initial spark that brought BETWEEN TEARS to you?

Toying with the idea of what lengths people will go through to justify actions based on what they think is the truth.

What was your favorite thing about writing this book?

I liked writing about Benjamin’s family and exploring his relationship with his son, mother, stepfather, and sister.

I also liked touching on the often frowned upon notion of one sibling falling in love with someone who had previously “belonged” to another sibling. One of my critique partners had a hard time getting past this, but it never fazed me. So, what I did was incorporate her concern into the novel and let Andrea address it. Since I believe in romance, when people are meant to be together, they work it out.

I was also intrigued with dealing with the idea that even when you’ve changed your life and shifted your values to reflect Christian beliefs, sometimes there’s still a past that can come back to bite you at any moment. What do you do then?

What do you hope readers get out of reading BETWEEN TEARS besides an entertaining read?

There are lots of layers in BETWEEN TEARS. Among them, the main characters must hold a romance together when it seems the world is against them. There’s the question of how faith plays out in a person’s life. The value of friendship is highlighted. Many characters have to dig deep to find the strength to forgive. There’s humor. My hope would be that the reader identifies with something on a personal level and takes heart.

What is your writing philosophy?

Write stories you would like to read. It keeps it fun and makes the work uniquely yours.

Being a debut author, what pieces of advice would you give writers who are trying to get published?

I’d suggest networking in whatever way works for you. It’s important to touch base somehow with other writers and others in the publishing industry. Ask questions, take writing classes, and read books on the writing craft. Write because writing is a passion. Persevere.

What can we see next from you?

I don’t have a signed contract for anything new yet, but all of my stories have three elements: faith, romance, and usually murder.

Dream-on: You’ve been greenlighted to do any creative project you want. What project would that be?

Just one? I’d find a few good African American books and make them into movies.

To learn more about Pamela and her works to order your copy of BETWEEN TEARS, check out her website: http://www.p-ridley.com/!