Are you a PLOTTER or a PANTSER…or are you BOTH? That’s the question being asked of the authors coming to you live this month on ALL THE BLOG’S A PAGE. I have had author-friends who truly detest plotting, feeling it takes away from what the characters want to say, and I’ve had author-friends who detest flying by the seat of their author pants because the writing produced never seems to gel and come together. What do you prefer? Check out what the AtBaP authors of July think and share your own thoughts!

This week, we ask the Plotter-Pantser question to author Deborah Batterman whose collection of short stories, SHOES HAIR NAILS, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

The settings of these stories – 1980s New York City, 1950s Brooklyn, Las Vegas, an exurban town post-9/11 – are as diverse as the rich palette of characters drawn with heart, humor, and sensuality. With a sharp sense of the telling detail, Deborah Batterman weaves narratives around the everyday symbols in our world and their resonance in our lives.

Stop by All the Blog’s a Page today to read Deborah’s engaging response to the plotter-pantser question; more than likely, you’ll see some truth in her words.

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