Hey y’all.

Today, I gave a presentation to a local writers group; it went great. I loved meeting the people, talking about writing, and –though I don’t admit this often — having my ego stroked a bit. It’s rare that it happens, but when it does, it feels like this extra jolt of expresso that I need to finish a task (read: write).

At the presentation, I mentioned a great list of author tips I accumulated, and I sent them the url. I thought I would send the url here, too, for anyone interested. I want to thank ALL authors who took some time out of their schedules to answer my questions; I learned a great deal from their journeys to publication and their tips. I hope you do the same!

The link is: http://www.chicklitgurrl.com/authortips.pdf.

More interviews from great female writers coming soon, and more about me and my goings on. I start summer teaching Monday, and I’m a bit frazzled. Spent a week organizing course material to teach one remedial writing course, just to find out I’m teaching two research writing courses, so I have today and tomorrow to redesign course material. Can we sarcastically say, happy happy, joy joy?


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  1. Glad your presentation went well. I’ll take a look at the tips here shortly.

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