Hope to be longer, later. I’m busy reading essays from my students and wishing I was anywhere but here, but alas.

Been an emotional rollercoaster lately. I live about 2.5 hours away from New Orleans, and every day, watching the evacuees here or on TV, I am crying and wondering how we’ll rebuild, how 180 these people’s lives are, and how it’s no one’s fault–in regards to the hurricane actually happening, that is. We couldn’t stop it from coming. That’s Mother Nature’s thing. We could have prevented the atrocities of the aftermath, but that’s another story that I’m too tired to get into right now.

If anything, this tragic event has been a wake up call for many, including me. I realize and want to continue to realize that yes, I have problems, but I can overcome them. I still have a home, whether I can afford it or not some months is again, another story. I know where my family is, even if we’re all not where we want to be right now. I have a job despite the fact that day-by-day, I wonder if I’m the right woman for it. I should be damn lucky that I have the problems I have, and I should do everything I can to help those who, unfortunately, have problems far worse than I.

Throughout this ordeal, I keep coming back to “God does things for a reason.” I’m not sure God had anything to do with this, and if He did, He surely didn’t mean it as a way to hurt so many people and to leave so many people destitute and without loved ones. Despite this, through the tragedy, I do hope that we as Americans ban together to help those who need it. Maybe that’s why this has happened–so that we can reconnect. Maybe it’s to put a spotlight on what’s NOT going on in our government, to weed out those who are not looking out for AMERICANS’ best interests.

Whatever the reason, I hope that we all continue to love, continue to care, continue to prosper, and most important, especially at a time like this, continue to HOPE.