Yep, big eyes has done it, and she has rejuvenated me to make a post on my blog. First, to those who placed comments about my stolen laptop and e-mailed me, THANK YOU. It made me feel good to know you felt my pain. I’m slowly coming out of that, more so because I have a lot of work to do with teaching my classes and helping to revise a developmental English book and helping to develop a grammar site for our uni and a new English 102 book.

NOW, back to the great Ms. Wilbanks…if I needed yet another piece of evidence that proved bad people consistently grabbed the brass rings…here it is. I can’t believe this woman, who I cried about and hoped was not hurt and who ended up duping the Georgian people and America in general, and now she is inking a deal to tell her story. Sadly enough, someone WILL bite at the opportunity to splash her story in a book or on TV. It’s the way of our world; we enjoy looking at badly done imitations of badly-lived “real” lives.

I’m just trying to figure out what I can do to get a slap on the wrist sentence and get me a nice little deal. Probably could do that faster than I ever could write a great book and have someone in PubLand want to publish it.