Today, my friend Bill and I should be done our screenplay treatment. It’s the first “writing” thing I’ve done in a while. Bill told me I can’t say I haven’t been creative because I’m constantly coming up with new story and book ideas. SO now, I’m not going to say I haven’t been creative; I’m going to say I haven’t been writing. And now, I HAVE! Bill and I spend several hours, two days a week, hashing out scenes, and during our down time, I’ve been writing out our discussion with some kind of cohesion. I have to say I really enjoy this. The story is hilarious, and I think, God forbid, it could actually sell.

Now, if I could just get back into my own writing. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE who can offer suggestions to jumpstart my writing? I think my biggest hurdle is that there’s this negative little mini-me that constantly says, “Why are you doing this? Have you sold your OTHER solo works yet?” With me trying to battle that voice, I’m oftentimes too tired to be motivated to THINK about writing. HELP, PLEASE.