At some point, we have all “set the mood” – whether that’s a romantic mood, a calming mood, a rollicking mood, a meditative mood, or a writing mood.

As a writer, mood is very important to me. In setting the mood, I want all my senses to be entertained, to be moved to write.

I like to see a clutter-free space.

I like to taste a nice hot cup of coffee or a chilled glass of wine or ice-cold bottle of beer, depending on the mood being set.

I like to hear music that calls to mind images connecting me to my story.

I like to be comfortable enough in my space so that when I touch the keys, I feel nothing but pure writing energy flow through me.

I also like to set the atmosphere with the right smell.

No matter the mood I want to set, my mind knows that my nose needs to smell a fragrance that kick-starts my internal engine. A scent that makes me smile, that wakes me up, that makes me feel alert.

Usually, this scent comes from candles, and recently, I came across a scent that makes me feel so good: Ginger Lime from Gold Canyon.

Ginger Lime Wickless Candle Scent Pod

The scent of the lime provides a zesty kick that sparks my mind, keeping me up and active while I write. I’m a fan of the wickless pods as seen in the picture above. I’ve used it every day for the last week and a half, four hours each day, and still working on the first pod. The pods last a good long while, and the scent lasts far past the four hours used. Just taking the lid off the pod emits the fragrance all over the place.

Ginger Lime Wickless Candle Scent Pod and White Candlestick Scent Pod Warmer

Ginger Lime is just one of many scents by Gold Canyon. My next purchase will be GC’s Cakebites Specialty Scented Candles–more for their look (they are so adorable), but also to try out their scents: vanilla, cherry pie, and lemon ice.

Cakebites Specialty Scented Candles

I would consider Ginger Lime a scent for all, men and women. There is a hint of sweet, but the tart, zesty kick at the end of the scent definitely makes it a great scent for guys to try, too. Scents abound, from birthday cake and mint ice cream to pomegranate and coconut mango.

In addition to the awesome candles to set the right scent, there are also bath and body products to set the right you. Because, let’s face it, if you are good, your mood to do whatever can be set quite easily.

If you’d like to set your scentual mood, then definitely check out Gold Canyon.

At checkout, you can use the code 5559738. You’ll be asked if the order is part of a party, and that’s when you will type in this code–because this is the SET THE MOOD Par-Tay!

And, as if you need another reason to set your mood and set it now, this week, all Heritage jar style candles are 15% off. When you go to the site, type in Heritage in the search and see the wonderful selections.

If you pick up the Ginger Lime, tell me what you think — though I already know you’ll be raving about it!

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