SPRING BREAK IS HERE! I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally be away from the uni and the students. It’s WONDERFUL. Today was DAY ONE, and I really did NOTHING, just worked on SisterDivas Magazine and consider a new writing project. I have a few things to do over break, such as finish up material for the English 102 book I’m helping to write. I do plan to hit up the bookstore and get some chocolate caramel latte and do some writing.

Speaking of writing :: Currently queries are out to various editors on my latest book, TO CATCH A CHEAT. My agent and I are hopeful that something positive will come from this. She’s very aggressive and really sees this..and other projects being marketable. We’ll see.

She has made the suggestion that while we’re pushing TCAC out for consideration rounds that I focus on another project. This time, however, instead of a novel, she would like me to work on a screenplay. I sent her brief descriptions of each of my current ideas and bodies of work, and after a meeting, she selected the top three she thought would make a great script. I’ve selected one, and now my job is to work on a treatment for it and then jump into the script.

I feel like I’m coming full circle. In my early teens, as I began writing, I was all about movies. I wrote a lot of scripts, mainly romantic comedies with a baseball element (adore baseball!). At some stage, I moved from scripts to novels and short stories. Now, I’ll blend the forms and do them all, *smirk*

Luckily, I wrote a nice description of the movie idea previously, so I just need to reread through that, do some planning and get to working on the treatment.

You will definitely learn more about this process as I begin!