In the first two parts of the five-part series, Book to Screen, I offered advice on books and software to help you on the scriptwriting journey, and then I talked about seeing your book as a visual story.

In this next part, I talk about “Thinking Structurally”–and by this I mean looking at your book, once you have parsed out what could be redeveloped for the script, and thinking about it in terms of movie structure. In this part, I talk about the three-act structure (not as a hard rule but to give guidance in structuring your “movie” story), components that are vital to any good story, and a mention on non-linear and linear storytelling.

Big thank you to those who have e-mailed about the series, have learned from it thus far, and are actually interested in now turning their books into possible screenplays!

Now, let’s move forward in this journey! To read my latest The Write Life for You article in the Book to Screen series, head to APOOO Bookclub via this [link].

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  1. Thank you, 🙂 Perhaps there is a writer lurking inside, eh? Being a passionate reader makes you care about writing, too. Us readers know what we like and don't like and grow in our reading just as writers should grow in their craft.

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