Yep. It’s final. I’ve gone wild with giddy.

This weekend, my girlfriend and partner-in-crime dropped by my house with a present: wireless card and a router. After much trial and error because we followed directions from a company that spelled ‘detecting’ as ‘dectecting’, we got it up and running, and I haven’t been the same since. I mean WOW, I can literally go, ‘virtually’ anywhere, steal from signals in the air, and be surfing the net. Beyond cool.

Well, the last two days, I’ve been trudging my big ass laptop to school, hoping to get on it or hoping to get to the library or BAM (Books-A-Million –or A-Dozen as it’s affectionately known here) and use my card. No such luck.

Today…finally we have connection. I did, however, have to link up to T-Mobile, which meant I had to buy some service, but that’s okay, I guess. We shall see, LOL

Anyway, so here I am, with my laptop, my wireless connection and mounds of English grammar books around me. I’m the person I detest; you know who I’m talking about. The person who goes to a cafe with a laptop and tries to look intellectual. I’m that person in spades, baby! And guess who doesn’t care?

I’m planning to stay another hour and finish up this work I’m doing. I’m going to be co-author of an academic book for English Composition. How much you wanna bet it won’t be on the NYT bestseller’s list? But that’s okay though. While I try, valiantly, to secure a spot back in the literary echelon of being published, I am stockpiling credits on my vita for possible future teaching gigs. Helping to write an academic book (and I’ve been offering to help in ANY WAY) can’t look bad.

GEEKY MOMENT: OH yeah, I’m actually ENJOYING the work I’m doing on this book. I feel like I’m relearning everything I’ve been teaching as I help to explain it for this book. My students next semester are going to hate me with all this information I shall spew upon them, LOL

My goal while I’m here is to finish up some terms to write up for the Grammar Handbook section of the book and then work on my final exam prompts for my students.

If I can get home with those things out of my hair, I can grade these remaining research papers and PERHAPS, if I don’t pass out, get some writing done before I take Mom to work.

I tell ya, any and everything gets in the way of writing when you are purposely trying to put things in the way of writing for fear of not being able to write well again. Chewy sentence, but I know you catch my drift.

Til later.