Hey there, everybody!

Yes, yes, I know that I have been lax in my blogging, and I do apologize. I taught this summer, and it literally DRAINED ME. On top of teaching, I’ve been reading, editing, working on the magazines, etc., etc.

In August, you will get at least THREE new interviews by great women writers. First up is M.J. Rose ~ I love her, and her latest – THE REINCARNATIONIST (which is due out in September) is my fave read of 2007 – BAR NONE. Batting second is Patricia Sargeant; I thoroughly enjoyed her soon-to-be-released suspense romance, ON FIRE. Batting clean-up is fantasy romance novelist, T.L. Schaefer. I just finished and was over the moon with her novel, THE SAINTS OF MIDLAND.

I’m telling you, not only will the interviews be great, but these are DEFINITELY books you will want to jump in and read this year. What’s so interesting is that each of these books are books that I would typically not read. I’m not that into history, time-bendy, fantastical, romantic works; however, The Reincarnationist is just PROFOUND beyond belief, On Fire is more than just love, and both On Fire and The Saints of Midland feature phenomenal, kick-ass female main characters, which I dig on the most high. All three of the books defy the “categories” that they are forced to be placed in.

Look for M.J.’s interview Wednesday.

UNTIL THEN, why don’t you check out SDgirl, which is now on MySpace. For the summer, we are featuring these young adult novelists:

Lauren Baratz-Logsted (Angel’s Choice), Adelle Laudan (Dee Days), and teen author Veronika Veren (French Manucure)!

Here’s a LINK to check out SDgirl in action ~ if you are a y.a. novelist, or if you are interested in submitting articles, essays, commentaries regarding y.a.-related issues, consider adding SDgirl as a friend, 🙂